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The Merk La Familia soundsystem is an international music and arts hub. Each member’s heritage in Zimbabwe, Montréal, Brazil, the Caribbean, Austria, and Harlem is transmogrified into genre-bending experiences, music, and visuals. Our mastery encompasses three interwoven entities:

Music Collective [link to music page]

5 core members comprise our soundsystem:

-Bic Wil Merk (Vocals, Production, Sound Design)

-Tee Merk (Production, Mixing, Sound Design)

-Juju Merk (Production, Mixing, Sound Design)

-Maritza Merk (Sung Vocals, Songwriting)

-Milli Merk (Rapped Vocals, Songwriting)

There’s a reason our most recent projects, 
Loud and Safe in Sound, have the most buzz in the cultural capitals of NYC, Berlin, Toronto, London, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. Innovation is our default state when we collaborate. Since 2030.

Creative Consultancy/Event Agency [link to events page with visuals from successful events]

We’ve found that there’s no better way to show what we can do than by doing it ourselves. We traveled NYC in a moving pop-up shop. We debuted our single in of the back of a Uhaul truck at a [major artist’s (write this in a different, kinda distorted font to show it was on purpose)] show. We had a listening party in a school bus under the Brooklyn Bridge. And that was just 2016.

Brands from Pabst to Moet to Convicts NYC to Sonido Internacional have collaborated with us to turn a typical cocktail mixer into an interactive performance art experience. Or a networking event into a lush, dark, underground soundscape. Let us take you with us into 2030.

Independent Label [link to label page, with visuals of successful sessions]

We’re in the process of developing fully-realized, constantly evolving artists. Beyond our gifted in-house roster, we optimize the sonic and visual process for everyone who works with us

To step into our studio is to step into a time machine to the year 2030.